Watch How People React to Passages from the Bible Disguised as a Quran

Many in the western world are blaming terrorism on the Quran. They argue that the holy scripture incites violence in its verses. Two Dutch youtubers decided to show their fellow citizens that blaming the Quran is wrong. They bought a Bible and put a cover on it that reads ‘Holy Quran’. They interviewed people on the street and read passages from the Bible disguised as a Quran.

People were read passages like:

  • “A woman should live in quietness and full submission.”
  • “If you reject my commands and abhor my laws, you will eat the flesh of your own sons. And your own daughters.”
  • “If two men sleep with each other, they will both have to be killed.”
Those passages brought out their prejudice of Islam and they started condemning what they heard. But when they saw that the book they were reading from was actually a bible, they were shocked and couldn’t believe it.

Source: Dit Is Normaal