This Woman Helped a Thousand People Accept Islam in Belgium Over the Past 8 Years

Veronique Cools, a 25-year-old Muslim woman from Belgium, has helped over 1,000 people accept Islam in the past 8 years.

Veronique accepted Islam at a very young age after being influenced by her Muslim friends and doing research about Islam. She turned her home into an Islamic center for Belgian Muslims.

Saying that she herself had to overcome many prejudices when learning about Islam, Veronique then successfully helped many members of her family overcome their own prejudices. Now her close family have accepted Islam.

‘Prejudices stem from not being introduced to real Islam properly,’ she said as she was preparing iftar food packets for visiting Muslims to break their Ramadan fasts. ‘As Muslims we need to explain ourselves to society a lot better.’

The Islamic center now has more than 1,000 members, most of them Belgian women, and is open for all of Belgium’s 50,000 Muslims.