Man Who Attacked Colombian Family With Baseball Bat Has Been Arrested

Ontario, Canada - This man wielding a baseball bat was recorded shouting ‘ISIS’ and ‘French terrorists’ while attacking a Colombian family in a mall parking lot in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The family were speaking Spanish but he obviously thought it was French - he called them ‘French terrorists’.

A guy got mad, because we were talking in Spanish

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that one of the family members, Sergio Estepa, suffered multiple bruises and a cracked rib when he stepped in to protect his 13 year old son.

“He started saying we don’t belong here, that we are speaking French,” said Estepa. “But we were not speaking French; we were speaking Spanish. We don’t know him.”

Estepa and his wife moved to Canada from Colombia 20 years ago.

“Out of the blue this guy starts yelling at us. He called me a terrorist, that I’m ISIS, I don’t know, maybe because of my beard. At some point he started to charge my son, and I went in front.”

The man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and 3 counts of assault with a weapon, and has been denied bail, CBC reported.

Estepa’s son and a young friend who was with the family were not physically harmed during the incident.

Estepa told CBC channel only one bystander stepped in and offered to help: a woman who happened to be the vice principal at his son’s elementary school.

“Only one person helped us. It happened at 4:30, in a mall with a movie theater and many stores. It’s quite an active mall,” Estepa said. “We were surprised that they pretended that nothing happened.”

Despite the attack, Estepa wants to stay reasonable and thinks the attacker might have mental health problems, he said “We all are victims here including him [the attacker]. We must be more kind with others.”