Tesco Faces Backlash for Featuring Hijabi Women in Christmas TV Ad

Tesco is facing backlash after launching a TV ad featuring Muslim women wearing hijabs. Even though the women appeared for less than 3 seconds in the 63 seconds video, some people were so enraged that they took to social media to threathen Tesco with boycott and other kinds of non sense.

A threat to boycott Tesco

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter :

“How dare you feature a Muslim family in your CHRISTMAS advert!!! They do not celebrate CHRISTIAN festival! #willnotshopintesco.”

“I wonder will they have a white family celebrating a Muslim holiday…. political correctness is ruining this country. Tesco have lost my £.”

”@Tesco why are you showing Muslims celebrating Christmas in your advert. That’s just wrong, we all know they don’t!!!”

Some were even convinced Tesco is on a war against the word Christmas.

Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers

Which is not even true as other people pointed out:

Christmas Crackers

Others found the boycott idea quite interesting:

Christmas Crackers

On a more serious note Tesco responded to the backlash against its ad saying: “Everyone is welcome at Tesco this Christmas and we’re proud to celebrate the many ways our customers come together over the festive season.”

It’s quite ridiculous to see people get upset for seeing Muslims in a Christmas ad.

Christmas Crackers

Riz Ajmal wrote “Christmas is nothing to do with religion anyway, so why the big drama?. Can’t win. You need to integrate but if you do then why did you?”

Emma Anne wrote “I’m not offended at all. I think it’s lovely that, even though Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas, they join in with the festivities of the country where they live. I have seen Christians sharing Eid and Diwali celebrations. It’s about respect for the beliefs of others”

Christmas Crackers