Eight Injured in Shooting Outside Mosque in Southeast France

According to the French newspaper ‘La Provence’, eight people were injured outside a mosque on Sunday, July 2 at 10:30 pm after two hooded men arrived on board a car, and started shooting at the crowd as people were coming out of the Arrahma mosque in the city of Avignon in Southeast France.

One of the two men was reported to have come down from the vehicle and both opened fire, scattering the crowd. One used a handgun and the other a rifle. At least four people were injured outside the mosque. Fifty meters away, a family of four would also have received shrapnel from her second floor apartment where they were. A 7-year-old girl has been slightly injured. The two perpetrators of the attack are on the run.

French media are reporting that the police are considering the attack to be related to terrorism. A magistrate from the Avignon public prosecutor’s office suggested the hypothesis of a dispute between young people. The media is advancing the hypothesis that the attack targeted young people grouped in the street, and not Muslims who were leaving the mosque.

Source: French newspapers