Research Center Says Arabic is Fatsest Growing Language in America

A study by the Pew Research Center has found that Arabic is the fastest growing language in America. The study is based on census data from the United States Census Bureau and found that, from 2010 to 2014, the number of people 5 years and older who speak Arabic at home increased by 29 percent to reach 1.1 Million in 2014 making Arabic the seventh most spoken in the U.S.

us census arabic speakers america

Arabic is having the same success in Academia. It is the fastest growing foreign language studied at American universities ranking 8th among the most taught languages in the United States in 2013.

In light of these developments the U.S. Census Bureau is working on translating census questionnaire into Arabic and hopefully making them available for the 2020 census. The Pew study reported that “The Census Bureau has already conducted some research on what it would take to implement the new questionnaire and has made some recommendations” and that “it may also add a Middle East/North Africa category to the questionnaire as part of major changes being considered to questions about race and ethnicity”.

Of course right wing conservatives are not happy about this. Steven A. Camarota Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies told the conservative news network Breitbart:

"Immigration is not just an economic issue. English as our common language is part of the glue that holds our country together. These numbers suggest that the levels of immigration are so high that it may strain that. After the last great wave of immigration more than a century ago, the level of immigration was reduced and remained low for half a century, which helped with assimilation. With no pause in immigration levels in sight, the nation is headed into uncharted territory."

Source: Pew Research Center