When the Accounting Firm where I Work Hired a Hijabi Muslim

Today at work my company hired a Hijabi Muslim sister. When I first saw her I was surprised because aside from me everybody is your typical Caucasian male/female.

Our company is an accounting firm that is ranked globally and rarely do you ever see a hijabi at these firms. I immediately watched other people observe her when she walked in and I could tell people felt uncomfortable.

Later in the day we all had a meeting and the top partner at our firm introduced this sister. He said this is our newest hire….“x” and she is an Elijah Watt Sells winner.

Now if you don’t know what that is…that is the award that goes to the top scorer in the country for the CPA exam. Anybody who has taken the CPA exam knows how difficult that is and how prestigious this award is. And when I saw everybody’s face when they heard she was an Elijah Watt Sells winner I was so happy inside.

I was like that’s right sista…ohhhh kill Em! Snaps! You probably thought she got her degree from Jordan…well think again Caucasian people! Immediately everybody respected her! Now hopefully I still keep my job…but today was such a great day!

You Muslim sisters can do and be whatever you want! Nothing and I mean nothing makes me more happy than when I see Muslim sisters go out there and get degrees, and become professionals! Our ummah is only strong unless both our males and females are winning! So let’s try to push each other to be great inshallah!