A Second Generation Muslim Shares Her Story

By Abdiya Iman @abdiya.iman
March 17, 2018

Salaam, my name is Abdiya and this is my story.

I am the youngest of six children of parents whom both converted to Islam in 1980, both English. I was brought up a Muslim yet really took it on as my responsibility at the age of 1516. That is just it, being a second generation you get a glimpse of your parents’ lives they lived before converting and feel a connection almost. Yet you can’t imagine not being Muslim.

I often get questioned, where are you parents from? And your grandparents? Like people can’t quite understand that you can be white British and born Muslim.

I took the responsibility of my deen and just after my 18th birthday went to Morocco to study Qur’an. It was so refreshing to be doing something for my deen, independent of my parents. And making the decision to advance beyond what they could teach me.

I am so grateful Allah chose this for my parents and I am forever grateful that Allah is keeping me on it. Like my mum says “it is truly a blessing to see my children pray”.

To all those that are struggling to find their identity as second generation Muslims, I feel you. Just remember where you have come from and know where you want to go. Be comfortable in your skin, and follow your hearts desire to meet your Lord. And thank Allah everyday that He chose you to be Muslim.