As a Heavily Tattooed Convert I Struggled Greatly with Judgement from Fellow Muslims

Assalamu Alaikum,

My name is Noor. I converted to Isalm in 2012 and I began to share my story with social media in hopes of making a few Muslim friends…

I could never have imagined I would be blogging and be blessed with so many amazing friends years later. But my journey has been far from easy. I was driven to voice my struggles as a heavily tattooed convert with my fellow Muslims so that maybe next time they saw a convert sister/brother who has tattoos like I do, they would give them their Salaams, rather than their judgement.

Now I strive to spread awareness within our ummah that converts come from all walks of life and when they come to Islam it is our job as an ummah to embrace them and offer our help and support. Too often I see Muslims be so quick to tell a convert all of the things that are haraam, and expect them to be a perfect Muslim over night, rather than simply asking them, “Hey, do you need any help with your salah?” Or “Hey sister, do you need a hijab or skirt to pray in?”

It’s time for us to have a reality check, to realize that our actions can push people away from Islam. Personally, I struggled greatly with judgement from others the first two years after I converted and only by the will of Allah swt was I able to continue to return to my deen.

So I encourage everyone this Ramadan to invite a convert to Iftar, or ask them if they need any help with their prayers. Include them in this beautiful month filled with baraka and let them know that they do have a place in this Ummah and that they are cared for. Trust me, it will make a world of difference in their life.


By Noor, British Moroccan convert living in New York City