4 Years of Travel Thru 60 Countries Led Him to Accept Islam

Michael Ruppert is a 29 years old from the Netherlands who started a journey around the world 4 years ago and visited 60 countries so far. Throughout his travel he used to share his experiences with friends and family using postcards. What’s amazing is that his travels led him to find Islam, study it and finally take the shahada and become a Muslim.

Here is how he describes finding and accepting Islam:

The last 4 years I have traveled a lot through Malaysia and Indonesia. During my travels I never stayed in hotels or hostels, but always with local families to learn about their culture and traditions. All of my host families in Indonesia and Malaysia were Muslim families.

Those families never asked me to convert, but they just showed me their way of living. That’s how they inspired me to learn more about Islam and why I decided to take classes about Islam at local mosques in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

While taking the classes, I still didn’t have the intention to convert. My teachers respected that and only insisted to show me more about Islam. After a few weeks of discussing things, reading Quran and practicing how to pray, I knew that converting to Islam would be the right thing to do in my life right now.

You can learn more about Michael on his Facebook page Starring You where he shares experiences about his journey.