Meet The First Full-Time Reporter Wearing Hijab on American TV

In February of 2018, Tahera moved from making the decisions behind the scenes to telling the stories on the scene, achieving her childhood dream and, in the process, becoming the first woman in hijab to work as an on-air reporter for American television.

Tahera joined the Local 4 News team as a producer in May of 2016. Her duties included deciding which stories get put on air, writing scripts and keeping tabs on timing and other decisions during live newscasts.

It all started years ago after several internships, that’s when Tahera figured out TV news was her real passion. “I didn’t have anyone who looked like me on TV, so I never really thought it was a possibility,” said Tahera.

After years of rejection from news stations across the nation, Tahera decided to put TV reporting on hold and took a job as a news producer behind the scenes at our Local 4 news station in the Quad Cities.

While Tahera was working behind the scenes, she never gave up on her dream. On Wednesday, Tahera made her on-air debut, breaking barriers in the TV news industry.

Chicago radio news anchor Mariam Sobh has been trying to make the transition from radio to TV news for more than 13 years. “I’ve tried for years to meet with news directors in the city and it always comes down to the headscarf,” Sobh said.

With the help of Mariam and The Muslim American Women In Media group, we believe Tahera is now the first full-time reporter who is a Muslim woman to wear a hijab on mainstream TV news in the United States.