Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 7 – The Day The World Changed

Episode 6 – A Chance At Redemption

Episode 5 – Muslims Moving On

Episode 4 – Friday Night Bites

Episode 3 – A Muslim Goes To Washington

Episode 2 – The Fast and The Furious

All American Muslim Episode 2 Part 2-3 All American Muslim Episode 2 Part 3-3

Episode 1 – How To Marry A Muslim

This is the first ever reality tv show about muslims in America. Aired by TLC (the learning channel), it follows members of five families from Dearborn Michigan: the Amen family, the zaban family, the aoude family, the bazzy aliahmad family, the jaafar family.
The show starts by introducing Shadia, a muslim woman who describes herself as a rebel, she does not wear the hijab (headscarf), she has tatoos in her back and legs, her mom and sister do wear the hijab. Her mom and dad do not agree with the way she lives her life but still do not reject their daughter. She is dating Jeff an irish catholic guy. Her dad wants him to convert to Islam before he blesses their marriage. Shadia is ready to marry Jeff even if he does not convert but he wants to convert so that her family accepts him. Jeff’s mom is devastated by his conversion but still loves her son and decides to attend the wedding.
The wedding party is a blast: two different cultures coming together, Jeff’s cousin performed an Irish dance, a belly dancer performed dances on Arabic music.
During the show we slowly get introduced to people from the other families. Nina, an event planner, is also a Muslim woman who does not wear a hijab, she defines herself as a strong Muslim business woman. She wants to open a club and discusses the idea with her business partner Mahmood, a muslim himself,he thinks it’s not a good idea in for a muslim woman to do so in Dearborn. But Nina likes the challenge and still wants to do it.
There is also the football coach, Fouad Zaban, He says he loves islam, his family and football. He has been married to Zaynab for 12 years. they have 4 kids: 1 boy and 3 girls.